No Fair-ing

Day 11, April 11

I had every kind of weather imaginable today:  thunderstorms, cold temps, high winds, snow… you name it!

However, this gave me an opportunity to rest and time to get my bicycle fairing (windshield) mount repaired.  I had ridden without my fairing (hence today’s title) for the past couple of days, and I really missed the protection it had given me from the elements.  The necessary mount parts and labor were donated by the bike shop owner (Great Divide Ski, Bike and Hike in Pueblo, Co). Yay!

Fairing (Windshield) Repaired

The weather is supposed to clear tomorrow morning, so I’ll be setting out on my adjusted trek from Hwy 50 to Hwy 96, where I will follow the Adventure Cycle Route out of Pueblo, CO.  Onward!



Hello, New Mexico!

Day 10

It was another cool morning with a starting temperature of 50 degrees.

Out of Safford, I faced a 30 mile uphill climb (elevation 2900 to 4400). This was followed by a beautiful 10 mile mountainous drop of 1000 feet into Duncan.

Another uphill climb of six miles took me to the Arizona/New Mexico border. As severe weather was approaching, the wind changed its course numerous times as I rode up and down the mountains. I rode six miles into New Mexico, just west of Lordsburg, only to face cold and thunderstorms accompanied by 45 mph winds. Evidently, this is typical for New Mexico.

Due to severe weather forecasts on my current route, I decided to “drop kick” northward, still maintaining my west-to-east coverage.

I’m in search of a bicycle repair shop that can work on securing my fairing. When considering the rough roads and debris covered shouIder, it is pretty amazing that I have not had a flat tire to date. (Knock on wood!)

Points of interest: Hwy 70 (also called Gila Pima Scenic Route) followed the Gila River which had some spectacular views.

Stats: 52.03 miles, Max 33mph, Time 5 hrs 21 min, Avg 9.7