Hello Tennessee!

Day 26, April 26

Oh, what a day!  It was very hot and humid, causing me many rest stops.  I was sandwiched between storms, so I wanted to ride as far/long as possible.  I was able to get in 76.8 miles in very taxing riding conditions.

Kentucky Blessings
In Pembroke KY, a very nice guy named Adam said a special prayer over me.

Fun Photos
I have incuded some interesting photos today. That is one small turtle and one large golf ball!! 🙂

Hello Tennessee
I crossed into Tennessee and made it to Portland.  I connected with a police contact and the mayor to try to figure out my lodging for tonight.  There are no hotels or camping sites here, so they suggested that I go to a church shelter east of Portland, as storms were approaching.

Hello Humid Tennessee!

Living Waters Mission and Food Ministry
I went to the Living Waters Mission and Food Ministry.  It is an old gas station that has been transformed into a small Christian church/shelter.

  • The minister (Bobby Sloan Jr.) lives there with two homeless men.
  • Three beds are crammed into the food/drink cooler.  The minister lives on the opposite side of the building
  • The church is in the middle of the facility.
  • There was a small kitchen in the back of the building.
  • I helped set up the food drive which starts at 6 am tomorrow.

Statistics: 76.8 Miles, Max 32.5 mph, Time 6:38, Average 11.6 mph






Land Between Two Lakes

Day 25, April 25

This is the first day of riding (since the California desert) that I could begin my ride without a jacket.  The ride started out with short rolling hills until I approached Kentucky Lake.

Land Between Two Lakes National Recreation Area
The Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area is land mass located in Kentucky and Tennessee between two huge lakes (which really look like rivers):  Kentucky Lake and Lake Barley.  There are massive bridges over the lakes and a small mountain between them.

The lakes were big and beautiful, but I needed to maintain my focus on the road, as the highway and narrow bridge were very busy.  The last 20 miles were relatively flat, which helped because the wind was cross-to-head.

It was a good day of riding!  I’m glad that I got in some strong miles today, as we have expected storms in the forecast for tomorrow (Tue) and Wed.

I had a nice talk with a local regarding the roads to/from Hopkinsville and camping options in the area.  He mentioned that I would ride by a YMCA, so that was my first hope. Yes!  The Y is allowing me to set up camp near the soccer fields, which is near a porta potty.  All the luxuries!

I was able to wash up in the YMCA restroom, and bought a few bottles of water so I could hydrate, as it was very warm and windy today.  I will need to zip myself into the tent before dark due to mosquitos.  I may treat myself to an hour of one of my Jane Austen movies:  Emma.

Statitistics: 71.8 miles, Max 33.5 mph, Time 6:00, Average 11.9 mph.



Charleston Already… Missouri

Day 24, April 24

Charleston Already?
Shortly after leaving Sikeston, MO, I arrived in Charleston… oops… Missouri (NOT South Carolina).  Rats!  Oh well.  Onward!

Oops… Charleston, Missouri

Better Route
I have decided to follow the Google (Bike) Map instead of the Adventure Cycle route.  This seems to put me on a more direct (and less hilly) SE route.  At the intersection of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, I crossed into the corner of Illinois near a town called Cairo.

Another Traffic Stop

Officer Damon Ray in Illinois

Near Cairo IL, I was stopped (AGAIN) by a policeman.  Officer Damon Ray was amazing!  We discussed my “mission” and he proceeded to set up a photo with his squard car (lights on) and my bike.  He also took a selfie of us and posted it to Facebook as we talked.  He posted some nice things as he shared the photo with our daughter Melissa.  I was deeply touched by Officer Ray’s post, but particularly by Melissa’s response.

Very touching!

Goodbye Illinois, Hello Kentucky!
I crossed over the Ohio River on a very long bridge into Kentucky.  And the hills began to roll once again!

Mayfield, KY
I made it to Mayfield KY where a policeman informed me that there was no camping there, as everyone goes to “the lake.”  (He was referring to Kentucky Lake, which is quite a bit east of here.)  I wound up at the Super 8.

Statistics: 67.5 miles, Max 32.0 mph, Time 6:02, Average 10.9 mph