Cruising to Kansas

Day 13, Apr 13

I had a chilly night of camping, with temperatures dropping to around 40 degrees.  I can’t complain about today’s high of 77.  The headwinds the past two days were a deterrant to my hopes of getting a century (100 mile) ride in.  I would like to ride eastward as quickly as possible, as the “talk of the town” is about the upcoming storms… 40 inches of snow in the mountains and 2 1/2 inches of rain in Kansas.

Today’s ride of 83 miles was pretty boring.  While Colorado’s roadside crops were quite barren, the Kansas crops were springing up already.  I also noticed some oil wells popping up in eastern Colorado and western Kansas.

The Tribune Sheriff’s Office was very helpful in helping me to find a place to camp.  In fact, I am pitching my tent on the courthouse grounds.

Statistics: 83 Miles, Max 23.5 mph, Time 7:17, Average 11.3 mph






Cooler Colorado

Day 12, April 12

Cooler temperatures (40 degrees) were on tap as I began my ride this morning out of Pueblo, Colorado.  I traveled on Hwy 50 to Hwy 96, following the Adventure Cycle Route.

By noon it had only warmed to 55 degrees, with the afternoon high reaching 70 degrees. There was a cool and steadily increasing E/SW breeze (20 mph) throughout the day.  Naturally, this made it a headwind.

There was not much to see along the way except a couple of segments of green highway. Yes, green!  (See photo.)

I rode from Pueblo to Haswell CO, around 90 miles.  It was a total ascent of 728.87 ft and a maximum elevation of 4,730.48 ft.

The towns along the way had very little to offer.  At least Haswell had a little park on the highway where I could pitch my tent.

There was no cell/internet connect since about noon even though the cell towers were prevelant.  I understand that I was “under the radar” for the last part of the day, with no “ping” to my whereabouts.  Rest assured, all is well.

Statistics:  90.4 miles, Max 26.0 mph, Time 7:19, Average 12.3 mph

Pueblo Departure


No Fair-ing

Day 11, April 11

I had every kind of weather imaginable today:  thunderstorms, cold temps, high winds, snow… you name it!

However, this gave me an opportunity to rest and time to get my bicycle fairing (windshield) mount repaired.  I had ridden without my fairing (hence today’s title) for the past couple of days, and I really missed the protection it had given me from the elements.  The necessary mount parts and labor were donated by the bike shop owner (Great Divide Ski, Bike and Hike in Pueblo, Co). Yay!

Fairing (Windshield) Repaired

The weather is supposed to clear tomorrow morning, so I’ll be setting out on my adjusted trek from Hwy 50 to Hwy 96, where I will follow the Adventure Cycle Route out of Pueblo, CO.  Onward!