Glamis to Blythe

Day 4, April 4

Glamis to Blythe, CA (Riviera RV campground). Last day in CA, crossing the Colorado River into AZ in the morning.  I’ll be traveling on I-10 for about 20 miles over a mountain pass, just past Quartsite. 

Today was another long day, 6:30AM-2:30PM, and 66+ miles.  The roads in the morning were full of steep up and downs, several had to be walked up as they were too steep to ride.  Elevations went from about 380 to 1100, then back down to around 250. 

The afternoon featured flat roads which was nice, but at 96 degrees and rough textured roads, it was another demanding day.  I had a slight headwind all day, but it was welcome, as it kept me a bit cooler. 

Stats:  66.6 miles, Max 31, Time 5:44, Avg 10.5


Deserted in the Desert

Day 3, April 3

Jacumba to Glamis (California)

It was a cool start today (39 deg), but the temperatures quickly rose to the mid-90’s in the desert valley.  I climbed 6 miles uphill (from elev 2950 to 3250), then 10 miles down to zero elevation, and even as low as -62 elevation.

I road 54 miles by 11:30am, but the roads were very rough, so it was a tough ride. The desert temperatures are scorching, and the amenities are few and far between.

I arrived at the Glamis Beach House store at 4:00pm.  The owner of store allowed me to camp under their metal roof eating area, so was great to finally get out of the sun (no shade anywhere).

Passed over the Imperial Dunes, while afternoon temps soared to 96.6 degrees. Pretty well dehydrated even with 8 24oz bottles of water, and 2 Gatorades, and a soda at lunch.  Got a gallon of water and a Gatorade for dinner.

My ending point today was Glamis, California.  I completed 83 miles. Camp is right on the highway, and near a train track, but no complaints!

Stats:  83.3 miles, Max 41, Time 6.57, Avg 11.9

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California Killer Climbs

April 1 and 2

The California mountainous terrain proved to be quite a challenge for me.  These two days of riding a heavy bike (bike & gear weigh 160+ lbs) out of San Diego were the most taxing rides I have ever encountered.

Day 1, April 1

San Diego (Mission Bay Beach) to Alpine (California)
(Note MA-TAR-AWA RV/Campground $20)

I started with nice, cool weather. The ride was a gradual to often steep upwards climb from sea level to over 2000 feet elevation.  Ride time was nearly 6 hours, starting at 7:30am-riding until about 3:30pm

There were good bike lanes throughout the day, but also lots of traffic, debris and glass everywhere.

This was a grueling/exhausting day with lots of climbing, as will be day 2 from 2500 to 4200 elev.

Stats:  43.7 Miles, Max 34, Time 5.55, Avg 7.3

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Day 2, April 2

Alpine to Jacumba-Community Park (California)

Cool weather starting at 40 deg, then up to 82.

Steep and long climbs from 2500 to 4200, then down to 3100, then up to 4100, then down to 3000.  Another really exhausting day!  I rode on the bike lanes or shoulders most of the times, though many shoulders were rough and debris/glass covered.

There was a little less traffic on old Hwy 80.  I had to get onto I-8 for a few miles, which had tons of traffic.  Slight headwind most of the day.  Some sunburn.

Stats:  44.8 Miles, Max 33, Time 5:55, Avg 7.5