Day 29, Apr 29

I passed through three states today:  Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia!  They had some common traits: dangerous hilly roads, stray dogs, and few services.

I had a very nice night of camping in the back yard of Woody’s Bicycles.  Woody was a wonderful host, offering me a shower, facilities, campground… and even a hat!

Woody’s Bicycles- Sewanee TN

Before taking off today, I was forced to replace my rear tire/tube, as it had a slow leak– it was worn out in multiple spots and had a piece of yellow glass in it.

It was a beautiful 29 miles of riding out of Sewanee and into the valley.  Then, I faced two steep mountain passes (8% grade).

I had no business riding on some of these roads!

I crossed into Alabama between Sherwood TN and Stevenson AL. I took in some beautful views.  It was an amazing pass over the Tennessee River.  I took shelter from the storms in a shed alongside a gas station in Hammondville, AL.  My sag team (Jane) arrived very late.  I decided to take her to Rome… Georgia, that is!

Interesting scenes:  bees surrounding a dead carcus on the highway, armadillos (dead and alive) prevailing, and of course… chasing dogs.

Statistics: 55.4 mi, Max 42 mph, Time 4:59, Avg 11.1 mph