Southern Cuisine

Day 28, Apr 28

Ride, Ride, Ride!
Sometimes you have to “stop and smell the roses,” but I have only seen one patch in a small town in Missouri.  So, I am going to ride, ride, ride!

Missed Treasures
I am known to stop at all costs to pick up items along the road.  I has been really tough to pass by some of the treasures that I have seen on this trip: a set of new crutches, bungi cords, wool blanket, coolers, a pack of batteries, etc.

Killer Hills
It is really humid today. The first 10 miles were really flat.  The next 10 featured rolling hills, and finishing up with very steep rises and falls on treacherous road conditions.  the last 3 miles were 11%  grade.  I had to walk my bike/buggy up a couple of blocks, which is far more difficult than riding.  It was a killer hill terminating at the Sewanee University Campus.

Cooling Off

Southern Cuisine
I must be in the south, as boiled peanuts are showing up at the local gas stations and stores.  Speaking of southern cuisine, I have also seen local-packaged apple turnovers and other taste treats. In fact, a guy delivering to a station gave me a couple of apple turnovers…and passed me on the highway 2 more times honking.  Fun!

I have also seen evidence of homebrewed moonshine.

Act of Kindness
I was directed to Woody’s Bicycles, a local bike shop owned by Woody Deutsch.  He allowed me to camp in the shop’s back yard, take a shower, and left a key under the mat for anything else I might need.  What a great guy!  He also gave me a treasured “Woody’s Bicycles” ballcap!

Woody’s Bicycles- Sewannee TN

Statisitics:  58.9 Miles, Max 34 mph, Time 5:59, Avg 9.8 mph

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