Birds and Bees

Day 27, April 27

State Birds of Kentucky and Tennessee
While the state bird of Kentucky is the cardinal, and the state bird of Tennessee is the mockingbird, I beg to offer my opinion about more fitting selections.  It has been my experience in both states that the giant bird-sized bumble bees and hornets should be considered, as they are everywhere!!  I was very glad to have my fairing (windshield) to deflect these annoying buzzers.

Dangerous Riding Conditions
The weather was warm and humid today. I faced strong headwinds all day, which reduced my mileage. I was hoping to get the 60+ mile ride in to Murfreesboro before the storms set in again.  I was able to meet my goal.

Today’s roads were uncomfortably unsafe, with no shoulder, heavy trafic, and loads of hills.

I am staying at the Jackson Motel in Murfreesboro tonight, as we are experiencing more bad weather.

Today’s Photos
I’m including a photo of Legacy Farms (a historic manor in Lebanon TN) as well as two shots depicting the rolling hills with heavy traffic and unsafe riding conditions.  It is interesting to note the numerous country churches in each town (white building in center photo).

Statistics: 63.4 Miles, Max 31 mph, Time 5:58, Average 10.6 mph


One thought on “Birds and Bees”

  1. With those big bumble bees are you ensuring to blouse the bottom of your shorts? If you suck a BB up your shorts I’m going to hear the screams here in Omaha!! Isn’t the countryside of Tennessee just beautiful? I almost got stationed there in the military and was disappointed when those orders fell through. Maybe you ought to swing straight south an tour the Jack Daniels facility which is interestingly in a dry county :-)) Stay Safe!!


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