Checking Out the Starting Point

March 31- San Diego Starting Point

We arrived to San Diego and had a nice pasta dinner with Jane’s brother, Bob. We then checked out the starting point of the trip, along the Mission Bay Canal.  Ready to roll tomorrow!!

Dinner with Bob
Dinner with Bob Z
Mission Bay Canal
Mission Bay Canal Trail

Pre-Ride Travel

Protecting the bike from rain.
Ready to roll!

Mar 26-27:  Travel to Pine, CO to visit our dear friends, the Branches, enjoying beautiful snow-flocked pine trees, the mountains just outside of Denver, and being part of a wonderful Easter church service.

Easter back yard guests

Mar 28:  Drive from Pine to Gallup, NM following part of my pre-mapped route which has now changed thanks to the locals (Branches).  New Route from NM up to KS to be determined.

Mar 29:  Drive from Gallup to Phoenix, where we will enjoy a visit with our son, Eric.  Unfortunately,  we experienced car problems in Holbrook, AZ, which has delayed us 1/2 day.

Mar 30:  We plan to enjoy a day in Phoenix with family and friends.

Mar 31:  Drive to San Diego and have dinner with Jane’s brother Bob, and prep for Day 1 ride starting at Mission Bay Beach, San Diego.Ready to roll!